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Recomend books Optical fiber and WDM

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Recomend books Optical fiber and WDM Empty Recomend books Optical fiber and WDM

Post  Admin Wed Sep 07, 2011 10:50 pm

Books on Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) and Optical Networking 1
One to five asterisks in front of the some of the books represent our subjective view of their goodness. The titles without asterisks have not been rated. The books are arranged in the reverse order of year of publication.


[*****] Debra Cameron, " Optical Networking," Wiley, December 2001, 288 pages.
[*****] Rajiv Ramaswami, Kumar Sivarajan, " Optical Networks: A Practical Perspective (Second Edition)," Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, October 2001, 864 pages.
[*****] Govind P. Agrawal, " Nonlinear Fiber Optics," Academic Press, January 2001, 466 pages.
[*****] Thomas E. Stern, Krishna Bala, " Multiwavelength Optical Networks: A Layered Approach," Prentice Hall, June 1999, 766 pages.
[*****] Harry J. R. Dutton, " Understanding Optical Communications," Prentice Hall, January 1999, 760 pages.
[*****] Dennis Derickson, " Fiber Optic Test and Measurement," Prentice Hall, January 1998, 642 pages.
[*****] Joseph C. Palais, " Fiber Optic Communications (4th Edition)," Prentice Hall, January 1998, 342 pages.
[*****] Casimer Decusatis, et al, " Handbook of Fiber Optic Data Communication," Academic Press, January 1998, 854 pages.
[*****] Mike Sexton, Andy Reid, " Broadband Networking: ATM, SDH, and SONET," Artech House, September 1997, 589 pages.
[*****] Ivan P. Kaminow, Thomas L. Koch, " Optical Fiber Telecommunications IIIA," Academic Press, February 1997, 624 pages.
[*****] Ivan P. Kaminow, Thomas L. Koch, " OPTICAL FIBER TELECOMMUNICATIONS IIIB," Academic Press, February 1997, 528 pages.
[*****] John Lester Miller, Edward, Dr Friedman, Ed Friedman, " Photonics Rules of Thumb: Optics, Electro-Optics, Fiber Optics, and Lasers," McGraw-Hill, May 1996, 423 pages.
[*****] John G. Nellist, " Understanding Telecommunications and Lightwave Systems : An Entry-Level Guide," IEEE, October 1995, 260 pages.
[*****] Govind P. Agrawal, " Nonlinear Fiber Optics, Second Edition," Academic Press, February 1995, 592 pages.
[*****] Bahaa E.A. Saleh, M. C. Teich, " Fundamentals of Photonics," Wiley, August 1991, 992 pages.
[****] Jeff Hecht, " Understanding Fiber Optics (4th Edition)," Prentice Hall, June 2001, 784 pages.
[****] Steven Shepard, " Optical Networking Crash Course," McGraw-Hill, February 2001, 269 pages.
[****] Regis J. Bates, " Optical Switching and Networking Handbook," McGraw-Hill, February 2001, 302 pages.
[****] Govind P. Agrawal, " Fiber-Optic Communication Systems," Wiley, August 1997, 544 pages.
[****] Thomas Petruzzellis, " Optoelectronics, Fiber Optics, and Laser Cookbook," McGraw-Hill, May 1997, 322 pages.
[****] John Crisp, " Introduction to Fiber Optics," Butterworth-Heinemann, March 1997, 216 pages.
[****] Donald J. Sterling, " Premises Cabling," Delmar Learning, October 1995, 192 pages.


Dick Bedeaux, Jan Vlieger, " Optical Properties of Surfaces," World Scientific Pub Co, April 2002, 440 pages.
Guu-Chang Yang, Wing C. Kwong, " Prime Codes with Applications to Optical and Wireless Networks," Artech House, February 2002, 368 pages.
Matthew N. O. Sadiku, " Optical and Wireless Communications: Next Generation Networks," CRC Press, February 2002, 336 pages.
Jean-Pierre Laude, " DWDM Fundamentals, Components, and Applications," Artech House, January 2002, 302 pages.
Ifip Tc6 Working Conference on Optical Network Design and Modelling 20, Admela Jukan, " Towards an Optical Internet," Kluwer, January 2002, 416 pages.

Industry Reports:

David Greenfield, " The Essential Guide to Optical Networks," Prentice Hall, December 2001, 248 pages.
Heinz, Phd Willebrand, Raksheesh S. Chuman, Baksheesh Ghuman, " Free Space Optics," Sams, December 2001, 288 pages.
Uyless Black, Sharleen Waters, " Sonet and T1: Architectures for Digital Transport Networks (2nd Edition)," Prentice Hall, December 2001, 375 pages.
Robert C. Elsenpeter, Anthony Velte, Toby J. Velte, " Optical Networking: A Beginner's Guide," McGraw-Hill, December 2001, 544 pages.
NIIT, Anuradha Pradyumnan, Nirmala Ravi, " Special Edition Using Optical Networks," Que, December 2001, 368 pages.
Toms, " Next Generation Optical Networks and Essential and Essential Guide to Optical Networks Package," Prentice Hall, December 2001.
C. Siva Ram Murthy, Mohan Gurusamy, " WDM Optical Networks: Concepts, Design, and Algorithms," Prentice Hall, November 2001, 448 pages.
Mehmet Toy, " Optical Networking II : Analysis, Signaling, QoS and Network Management : Selected Readings," IEEE, November 2001, 400 pages.
Oliver Feldmann, F. Mayinger, " Optical Measurements : Techniques and Applications," Springer Verlag, November 2001, 405 pages.
Mehmet Toy, " Optical Networking I : Architectures, Devices, Cross Connects and Switches : Selected Readings," IEEE, November 2001.
Lu Ruan, Ding-Zhu Du, " Optical Networks : Recent Advances," Kluwer, September 2001, 356 pages.
Peter Tomsu, Christian Schmutzer, " Next Generation Optical Networks: The Convergence of IP Intelligence and Optical Technologies," Prentice Hall, August 2001, 300 pages.
Steven Shepard, " SONET/SDH Demystified," McGraw-Hill, July 2001, 378 pages.
Walter J. Goralski, " Optical Networking & Wdm," McGraw-Hill, July 2001, 556 pages.
Admela Jukan, " QoS-Based Wavelength Routing in Multi-Service Wdm Networks," Springer Verlag Wien, July 2001, 244 pages.
John Crisp, " Introduction to Fiber Optics," Butterworth-Heinemann, June 2001, 240 pages.
Michel J. F. Digonnet, " Rare-Earth-Doped Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers," Marcel Dekker, June 2001, 777 pages.
Gilbert Held, " Deploying Optical Networking Components," McGraw-Hill, June 2001, 258 pages.
Gunther Mahlke, Peter Gossing, " Fiber Optic Cables, 4th Edition," Wiley, June 2001, 304 pages.
Milton Laikin, " Lens Design," Marcel Dekker, May 2001, 475 pages.
Barry Shoop, " Photonic Analog-To-Digital Conversion," Springer Verlag, May 2001, 328 pages.
Daniel Malacara, Brian J. Thompson, Brian J. Tompson, " Handbook of Optical Engineering," Marcel Dekker, May 2001.
Ifip Tc6 Working Conference on Optical Network Design and Modeling 200, " New Trends in Optical Network Design and Modeling : Ifip Tc6 Fourth Working Conference on Optical Network Design and Modeling, February 7-8, 2000, ath," Kluwer, May 2001, 282 pages.
Hari Singh Nalwa, " Photodetectors and Fiber Optics," Academic Press, April 2001, 688 pages.
H. A. MacLeod, " Thin Film Optical Filters," Inst of Physics Pub, March 2001, 672 pages.
Stamatios V. Kartalopoulos, " Fault Detectability in DWDM: Towards Higher Signal Quality and System Reliability," IEEE, March 2001, 156 pages.
Ralf Menzel, " Photonics : Linear and Nonlinear Interactions of Laser Light and Matter," Springer Verlag, March 2001, 670 pages.
C. David Chaffee, " Building the Global Fiber Optics Superhighway," Plenum Pub Corp, March 2001.
Alan J. Rogers, " Understanding Optical Fiber Communications," Artech House, March 2001, 242 pages.
Raymond M. Measures, " Structural Monitoring With Fiber Optic Technology," Academic Press, March 2001, 720 pages.
Norbert Grote, Herbert Venghaus, " Devices for Optical Communication Systems," Springer Verlag, February 2001, 320 pages.
Govind P. Agrawal, " Applications in Nonlinear Fiber Optics," Academic Press, January 2001, 458 pages.
Safa Kasap, Safa O. Kasap, " Optoelectronics and Photonics: Principles and Practices," Prentice Hall, January 2001, 340 pages.
Byrav Ramamurthy, " Design of Optical WDM Networks - LAN, MAN and WAN Architectures," Kluwer, January 2001, 192 pages.
Kazuyuki Horie, et al, " Molecular Photonics : Fundamentals and Practical Aspects," Vch Verlagsgesellschaft Mbh, January 2001, 216 pages.


Peng-Jun Wan, " Multichannel Optical Networks," Kluwer, December 2000.
Ray T. Chen, " Wdm and Photonic Switching Devices for Network Applications," SPIE, June 2000, 284 pages.
Toshimitsu Asakura, " International Trends in Optics and Photonics : Ico IV," Springer Verlag, January 2000, 400 pages.
D. W. Faulkner, A. L. Harmer, " WDM and Photonic Networks," IOS Press, January 2000, 240 pages.
D. W. Faulkner, A. L. Harmer, " Broadband Access, WDM Metro and Network Management," IOS Press, January 2000, 278 pages.


lberto Bononi, Tirrenia International worksh, " Optical Networking," Springer Verlag, December 1999, 400 pages.
Michel J. Digonnet, Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation en, " Optical Devices for Fiber Communication : Proceedings of Spie, 20-21 September 1999, Boston, Massachusetts (Proceedings of Spie--The International soc," SPIE, December 1999.
Eric J. Korevaar, " Optical Wireless Communications II," SPIE, December 1999.
Roberto Sabella, Paolo Lugli, " High Speed Optical Communications," Kluwer, August 1999, 318 pages.
International Working Conference on Optical Network Design and modelli, Giancarlo De Marchis, " Optical Networks : Design and Modelling : Ifip Tc6 Second International Working Conference on Optical Network Design and Modelling, februar," Chapman & Hall, August 1999, 200 pages.
John M. Senior, Chunming Qiao, Sudhir Dixit, " All-Optical Networking 1999 : Architecture, Control, and Management Issues : 19-21 September 1999 Boston, Massachusetts (Proceedings of Spie--The inte," SPIE, August 1999.
George Guekos, O. C. Haas, " Photonic Devices for Telecommunications : How to Model and Measure," Springer Verlag, May 1999, 404 pages.
Ronald G. Driggers, Paul Cox, Timothy Edwards, " Introduction to Infrared and Electro-Optical Systems," Artech House, February 1999, 426 pages.
Ray T. Chen, Louis S. Lome, " Wavelength Division Multiplexing, Cr71)," SPIE, January 1999.


Victor M. Bright, Brian J. Thompson, " Selected Papers on Optical Mems," SPIE, December 1998.
Richard A. Barry, Optical Society of America, " Optical Networks and Their Applications," Optical Society of America, December 1998.
National Research Council, " Harnessing Light : Optical Science and Engineering for the 21st Century," National Academy Press, July 1998, 360 pages.
Andrea Borella, Giovanni Cancellieri, Franco Chiaraluce, " Wavelength Division Multiple Access Optical Networks," Artech House, May 1998, 336 pages.
Gerard Lachs, Gerald Lachs, " Fiber Optics Communications," McGraw-Hill, March 1998, 450 pages.
Eugenio Iannone, et al, " Nonlinear Optical Communication Networks," Wiley, March 1998, 472 pages.
Pascal Berthome, Afonso Ferreira, " Optical Interconnections and Parallel Processing : Trends at the Interface," Kluwer, February 1998, 410 pages.
John M. Senior, Chunming Qiao, " All-Optical Networking : Architecture, Control, and Management Issues, 3-5 November 1998 Boston, Massachusetts," SPIE.


Yu-Hwa Lo, " Emerging Optoelectronic Technologies and Applications," World Scientific Pub Co, December 1997, 376 pages.
Norma Thorsen, " Fiber Optics and the Telecommunications Explosion," Prentice Hall, November 1997, 559 pages.
John E. Midwinter, " Photonics in Switching : Background and Components," Academic Press, November 1997, 336 pages.
John E. Midwinter, " Photonics in Switching : Systems," Academic Press, November 1997, 368 pages.
Kiyoshi Nosu, " Optical FDM Network Technologies," Artech House, June 1997, 184 pages.
Giancarlo Prati, " Photonic Networks : Advances in Optical Communications," Springer Verlag, March 1997, 487 pages.
Biswanath Mukherjee, " Optical Communication Networks," McGraw-Hill, January 1997, 576 pages.
Martin H. Weik, " Fiber Optics Standard Dictionary - Third Edition," Kluwer, January 1997, 1217 pages.


Eric R. Pearson, " Complete Guide to Fiber Optic Cable Systems Installation," Delmar Learning, October 1996, 192 pages.
Ken-Ichi Sato, " Advances in Transport Network Technologies: Photonic Networks, ATM, and SDH," Artech House, September 1996, 220 pages.
D. J. MacLean, " Optical Line Systems: Transmission Aspects," Unknown, July 1996, 642 pages.
T. P. Lee, " Current Trends in Optical Amplifiers and Their Applications," World Scientific Pub Co, June 1996.
G. H. Einarsson, " Principles of Lightwave Communications," Wiley, June 1996, 368 pages.
Abdellatif Marrakchi, " Selected Papers on Photonic Switching," SPIE, May 1996.
Bob Chomycz, " Fiber Optic Installations: A Practical Guide," McGraw-Hill, April 1996, 234 pages.
David R. Goff, Kimberly S. Hansen, James G. Stewart, " Fiber Optic Reference Guide : A Practical Guide to the Technology," Focal Press, April 1996, 199 pages.
T. Sueta, T. Okoshi, " Ultrafast and Ultra-Parallel Optoelectronics," Wiley, March 1996, 620 pages.
Jim Hayes, " Fiber Optics Technician's Manual," Delmar Learning, January 1996, 225 pages.
Max Ming-Kang Liu, " Principles and Applications of Optical Communications," McGraw-Hill, January 1996, 1024 pages.


Denis J. G. Mestdagh, " Fundamentals of Multiaccess Optical Fiber Networks," Artech House, December 1995, 408 pages.
D. M. Spirit, M. J. O'Mahony, " High Capacity Optical Transmission Explained," Wiley, May 1995, 268 pages.
Robert M. Gagliardi, Sherman Karp, " Optical Communications," Wiley, February 1995, 347 pages.
Silvello Betti, Giancarlo De Marchis, Eugenio Iannone, " Coherent Optical Communications Systems," Wiley, January 1995, 560 pages.


Jean-Pierre Laude, " Wavelength Division Multiplexing," Prentice Hall, June 1994, 200 pages.
Abdellatif Marrakchi, " Photonic Switching and Interconnects," Marcel Dekker, November 1993.
H. Scott Hinton, " An Introduction to Photonic Switching Fabrics," Plenum Pub Corp, September 1993.
Paul E. Green, " Fiber Optic Networks," Prentice Hall, July 1992, 308 pages.
Scott H. Hinton, Joseph W. Goodman, " Photonic Switching," Optical Society of America, June 1991.
K. Tada, H.S. Hinton, " Photonic Switching II : Proceedings of the International Topical Meeting, Kobe, Japan, April 12-14, 1990," Springer Verlag, April 1991.
G. Prati, " Coherent Optical Communications and Photonic Switching," Elsevier Science Ltd, July 1990.

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